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Posted by GATE Instructors on April 29, 2011 at 12:05 AM



Last updated: 04/29/2011 13:47:45

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Digital Logic
  1. Moris Mano
  2. P. Pal Chaudhuri
  3. Anand Kumar
  4. R P Jain
Computer Organization and Architecture
  1. JohnHennessy_DavidPatterson-4th Edition.
  2. Patterson Hennessy
  3. William Stalling Part 1
    William Stalling Part 2
    William Stalling Part 3
    William Stalling Part 4
  4. Carl Hamacher and Safwat Zaky
Programming with C
  1. Kernighan Richie
  2. Complete Reference
  3. Test You C Skill-1
    Test You C Skill-2
    Test You C Skill-3
  4. Schaum Outline of Programming with C
  5. Concepts Programing Languages Sebesta Part-1
    Concepts Programing Languages Sebesta Part-2
    Concepts Programing Languages Sebesta Part-3
    Concepts Programing Languages Sebesta Part-4

Data Structures & Algorithms
  1. Cormen
  2. Aho-Hopcroft-Ullman
  3. Sahni & Horowitz
  4. Mark Allen Weiss
  5. Knuth, The Art of Programming
Theory of Computation
  1. Hopcroft_Motwani_Ullman Part-1
    Hopcroft_Motwani_Ullman Part-2
    Hopcroft_Motwani_Ullman Part-3
    Hopcroft_Motwani_Ullman Part-4
  2. Peter Linz
  3. John Martin
  4. Micheal Sipser
  5. Foundation of Computer Science[Aho and Ullman]
  6. Formal languages and their relation to automata[Hopcraft and Ullman,1969]
Compiler Design
  1. Aho-Ullman-Sethi
  2. Linker and Loader
Operating System
  1. Silberschatz_Galvin Part-1
    Silberschatz_Galvin Part-2
    Silberschatz_Galvin Part-3
  2. Modern OS by Tanenbaum
  3. Willium Stalling
  4. Galvin PPT+PDF
  1. Korth(PPTs)
  2. Korth Book
  3. Navathe Part-1
    Navathe Part-2
  4. RaghuRamKrishnan Part-1
    RaghuRamKrishnan Part-2
    RaghuRamKrishnan Part-3
  5. A first course in database systems[Ullman]
  6. DBMS TheCompleteBook_Part1[Ullman]
    DBMS TheCompleteBook_Part2[Ullman]
Computer Networks
  1. Tanenbaum
  2. Forouzan
  3. Willium Stalling
  4. Peterson
  5. Kureso and Ross

Information Systems and Software Engineering

  1. Pressman
Web technologies

Open Site




Linear Algebra
  1. Download Notes
  2. Download Notes
  3. Download Notes
  4. Download Notes
  5. Download Notes
  6. Download Notes
  7. Download Notes
  1. Introduction to combinatorial math by C.L. Liu
  2. Download Notes
  1. Schaumm Series
  2. Introduction to Probability
  3. Download Notes
  4. Download Notes
Numerical Methods
  1. Download Notes
  1. Download Notes
Mathematical Logic
  1. Download Notes
Set Theory & Algebra
  1. Download Notes
Graph Theory
  1. Graph Theory by Diestel
  2. Narsingh Deo
Discrete Mathmatics
  1. Kenneth Rosen
  2. Schaum Series
  3. Kolman Busby

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Reply vikas singh
4:45 PM on September 9, 2011 
will u plz send me link for any psu book for cs
Reply ram krishna roy
11:03 AM on June 5, 2012 
please send links of books links
Reply sukhpal boparai
12:57 AM on July 9, 2012 
is there any ebook for network security and cryptography.... like (atul kahate - tata mcgrew hill)
Reply pravendra
9:58 AM on August 3, 2012 
book links already given
click on book name to download book
Reply versha
8:36 AM on August 19, 2012 
thanku sir.....
Reply ritika
8:53 PM on August 23, 2012 
thanks sir .
Reply saurabh kumar
6:29 AM on August 25, 2012 
sir how the prepration for isro/drdo/and many psu from computer science please mention and last 5 year papers give me............
Reply anil kumar
5:13 AM on September 13, 2012 
sir send me any ies book link for ece
Reply Harsh Vardhan
12:27 AM on October 5, 2012 
I appreciate the efforts n Dedication shown by you to make a success for prepration of Gate
Reply sapna saparia
2:17 AM on February 1, 2013 
plz send me a note n ebook of it eng for gate
Reply Jinendra
2:38 AM on March 16, 2013 
Thank u so much for providing me e-books... of GATE.!!
Reply Maha
1:59 PM on April 8, 2013 
Links does lead to proper downloadable files. Can anyone able to get and extract the rar files?
Reply vivek singh
2:26 AM on May 4, 2013 
sir aapne saare material delete kr diye hai kya? download hi nahi ho rha hai..
Reply suresh
2:25 AM on June 9, 2013 
i am ece branch
Reply dheemanth
12:25 AM on July 19, 2013 
thank you
Reply anjaly devi
10:44 PM on August 1, 2013 
plz send gate mathematics notes .plz mail
Reply ritika
8:22 AM on August 8, 2013 
sir , i want the site for gate books ...for ece.
Reply nethaji jaihind
2:36 AM on August 21, 2013 
how to prepare gate exam for ece students.... will u plz snd me any gate book for ece
Reply ankan sarkar
5:10 AM on August 23, 2013 
plz send me all the mathematics notes
Reply manjeet singh
5:29 AM on September 21, 2013 
it helps us alot